bonjour bitches.



How did I let my hopes get up and think I could have a chance and then let myself be let down and disappointed again… I’m such an idiot

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ayyye im back with another ‘lecture’
but i guess i’ll try to make it short..and understandable
so i guess this message is a poem, for the cruel human out there [bullies]
let get started -
What is wrong with u?
How dare u make fun of someone for something they cant control?
She has acne - Do you think she chose to have red spots all over her face?
Her nose is big - Who cares? Is she supposed to get plastic surgery? Hmm?
She has crooked teeth - I’ve never met someone who got braces just for fun
She wears glasses -  Do u think ppls like being half-blind? They dont
Her hair is frizzy - Some ppls dont like frying their hair wit a straightener
She’s not a size 0 - Oh, im sorry that some of us arent afraid to eat cookies
Imperfection is beautiful